“has” atau “have” dalam kalimat

Study the picture and read the passage! Click the speaker. Listen and read after the audio.


Pada materi ini kamu mempelajari penggunaan “has” dan “have” dalam kalimat.  Has dan have digunakan untuk mengungkapkan kepemilikan.

Pelajari penggunaan Has dan have pada subject atau pronoun berikut ini.


Pada kalimat negative menggunakan don’t atau doesn’t.


Pada kalimat interrogative do dan does diletakkan di depan kalimat

Pelajarilah beberapa contoh kalimat berikut ini

(+) My classroom has 20 chairs and 10 desks.
(-) My classroom doesn’t have a computer.
(?) Does my classroom have a TV set?

(+) Lisa’s parents have 2 cars and a motorcycle.
(-)Lisa’s parents don’t have a minicar.
(?) Do Lisa’s parents have a truck?


Study the passage carefully.

Tati’s  school is very big. It has more than 57 buildings consisting of 39 classrooms, a teacher room, a science lab, a language lab, a library, 10 toilets, a multimedia room, a mosque, and a big corridor. It has a quite large flower garden. It doesn’t have a pond in the garden. Tati’s school also has a large canteen. The canteen is located at the rear of tenth class exactly behind the language laboratory. It sells a lot of foods, such as; snacks, meatballs, fried rice, noodles, and many more.  Do you have a big school, too?