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What you have learnt so far in Learning Activity 2:

Do you still remember about descriptive text? Excellent! When you describe places in a descriptive text, the first thing you have to do is identifying the place by making a statement about the place in a simple present form. Then, you describe that identification with suitable adjectives that correspond to the place in order to give a more detail description about that places.


Using adjectives to describe places depends on the places. Look at some examples below!


    1. Jakarta is a modern city.
    2. Bandung has plenty of historical buildings with beautiful architecture.
    3. Semarang has a nice weather.
    4. The street is very crowded especially on the weekends.
    5. Makassar is an amazing city.
    6. Shopping in Bandung is great.
    7. People in Cirebon are kind and helpful.
    8. The trasnsportation system in Jakarta is innefficent and uncomfortable.
    9. The Maimun palace has been crowned as the most beautiful building in Medan, North Sumatera.
    10. Pura Uluwatu is a spectacular Hindu temple in Bali.



Adverb of Place (words that add meaning to an action)

Adverb of place tells us about the place of action or where action occurs/occurred/will occur. A good knowledge of adverbs of place is essential if you want to use English effectively.
Examples of adverbs of place: here, there, near, somewhere, outside, ahead, on the top, at some place, everywhere, worldwide, in the driveway, at the palace, somewhere not far away, way up in the sky, top of hill, upstairs, etc
Using adverbs of place for describing places. Look at some examples below!


  • Television programs produced in New York and Hollywood are seen worldwide.
  • Unfortunately, incompetence can be found everywhere.
  • When giving a presentation, please don't just stand there and read from the slides.
  • I heard someone singing somewhere not far away.
  • Just picture a penthouse way up in the sky.
  • They were flying kites on the top of hill.
  • He lives somewhere in New York.


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Activity 2!
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