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In this Learning Activity 1, you are going to study further about what descriptive text of describing people is and how to describe a person/people using simple present tense, descriptive adjectives, comparative adjectives using "er" and "more", and compound adjectives and phrases that contain characteristics for a general description of a person/people. 


What is descriptive text?


  • The Definition and Purpose of Descriptive Text


Descriptive text is a text which says what a person or a thing is like.

It covers the physical condition and characteristics of a person and a thing described.

Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing clearly.


b. The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text

Descriptive text has it's structure as below:

  • Identification: identifying the phenomenon to be described.
  • Description: describing the phenomenon in parts, qualities, or/and characteristics.


c. The features of Descriptive Text

  • Using attributive and identifying process.
  • Using descriptive adjectives and classifiers in nominal group.
  • Using simple present tense


Examples: Pay attention to sentences in the identification and description. Also look carefully at the underlined words/phrases that are examples of descriptive adjectives!


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How is it? Quite easy, isn't it? Excellent! Now you know better about the structure of a descriptive text in describing about mother. Great! Now it is time for you to learn more about how to describe a person/people.

Why do we need to learn about describing people or things such as places? It is very important since we often describe people, things, or places to other people in our daily activities so that they can identify them accurately. For example, knowing the description of a thing or a place will help you to get to the accurate location or find lost things.

Furthermore, knowing how to describe people appropriately and correctly is an act of politeness and appreciation and it is a very important aspect for you to be able to socialize and mingle with people.
When you describe a person/people, you need to know descriptive adjectives, comparative adjectives, and compound adjectives. Look at the explanation below!



a. Descriptive Adjectives


Adjectives are words that describe or modify a person/thing/place/concept (e.g. a noun or a noun phrase) in a sentence.


b. Comparative adjectives


Comparative adjectives are used to describe the differences between two things.
There are two ways to make or form a comparative adjective. Learn the table below!




Now, try to guess the comparatives of these adjectives below! One has been done for you. Do number 2 to 10. You can click  to match your answer with the correct answer!


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c. Compound adjectives


Sometimes, we also use compound adjectives to describe a person's physical features. A compound adjective is an adjective that comprises more than one word. Usually, hyphen are used to link the words together to show that it is one adjective.

Look at the examples of compound adjectives in the table below!



Now, try to guess the correct compound adjectives for the statements below!
You can click     to match your answer with the correct answer!


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d. Descriptive words and phrases


When we describe characteristics of a person or people, we need to know the appropriate descriptive words and phrases? What kind of words and phrases are there? Let us look at the table below!



Now, study the examples of descriptive words and phrases to describe a person below!
Based on the description, try to guess which one you think I am in the picture?


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e. Describing personality/characteristics

When you describe people or a person, it is not just the physical appearance that matters but also the personality/characteristics of that person/people that can reflect how you perceive about them. From these descriptive words describing personality/characteristics below, you can also identify good and bad personal qualities. At first, you may need a dictionary to help you understand further when you find difficulty in understanding certain characteristics.

Look at some examples of descriptive words to describe personality/characteristics of a person below!


Now, look at some examples of descriptive words used in describing good and bad personal qualities of a person!


How is everything so far? It is fun, isn't it? Excellent! Since you know better how to describe people. Often times, you will meet people who have different characteristics than you do. That is how it is, living in a society means living with different kinds of people.
Identifying and describing good and bad personal quality will help you reflect more about yourself and the people around you. This way, you can be more aware of your own personal quality. Improving what is good in you and changing what is bad in you to be better.
When you have good personal quality, you will find more happiness around you: people will love to communicate or be with you. It will be easier for you to adjust or socialize and most likely that you will be welcomed everywhere. But, when you have bad personal quality, people will avoid to be with you and most likely you will find difficulty in adjusting or socializing. So, yes, it is very important to learn about describing people from good to bad personal quality as a means for your own reflection of personal quality.

Now look at the table below about people's personal characteristics and the definition. Hopefully it will help you to understand them better!



How is it? Have you met such a person or people with personal qualities as you have learnt so far? Excellent! It means that your experience can be good references to understand better.


Alright! What is next?
Now that you have gone through all the material in Learning Activity 1 describing people or a person from appearance and personal characteristics, it is time to review everything that you have learnt on Learning Activity 1! Let's move on to the conclusion!